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Full-House Interior Design and Project Management

To begin our design process, we will meet with you so that we fully understand your requirements and preferences. Often, we will send you a questionnaire in advance to make our first meeting most efficient. We will explore the specifics of the house or design space. Who lives there? Do you have any pets? What aspects of the current space would you like to keep? Only after we have a complete understanding of your needs, will we discuss the timescales and agree on payment.


We will then interpret your requests, research the materials, products and services needed, and look at creative alternatives. Depending on your preferences, we will repurpose the furniture and accessories you already own or find new alternatives. Keeping your budget in mind, we will present you with several price options. Take a look in our project gallery and you will see a skillful mix of expensive designer furniture and the less pricey items from IKEA!


If you choose our full-service design option, Interiors-for-lifewill oversee all work. We will draw on our extensive project management experience to ensure the work is planned as conveniently as possible for you. 

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