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Color Consultations 

Color is a universal language that can have a subtle and powerful impact. Color choice is undoubtedly a matter of personal preference. Moreover, the characteristics that are attributed to each color, known as color psychology, vary depending on your culture and where you live. However, there are some common color traits. For example, yellow is usually considered cheery and upbeat, green is often called the color of harmony, and red represents dynamism and passion.


We speak the language of color fluently and will translate your requirements and preferences into a coordinated color palate for your house or design space. The color palate will incorporate wall paint, coverings, floors, counters, furnishings, art, and accessories.


Interiors-for-life color consultations are always collaborative, and one will typically start with a phone call or an email exchange to define the general scope. Do you want to choose a color palate for a new house starting from a blank slate or do you need a little help in choosing the color of the paint for a room that matches the new furniture?

We will go to your home to discuss your color and style preferences. Even if the project only involves one room, we like to do a walk-through of the house to envision the whole-house color scheme and note any fixed finishes, like kitchen cabinets, furniture, or favorite accessories, that you do not want changed. We will also ask you to show us any favorite items or inspiration pictures you might have. We recently created a complete color palate based on a mid-century design of wall clock!


With elegance, practicality, and comfort being our motto, we will find the colors that will work for you for many years. Many children’s rooms we’ve designed have removable wall decals and soft furnishings, allowing the room to grow with the child.


We will start with the options you may have considered and present you with some new alternatives. In choosing the colors of the wall paint, we will help you to make a decision by showing you how the colors look in different light, how they work with your furnishings, and so on.


Our color consulting service will not be intimidating and, dare we say it, it is fun! It may even tempt you into looking at some of our other interior design services!

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