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Single Room Interiors, Accessorizing and Style Consultations

Many of our projects include consultations on solving design problems for very small areas. Interiors-for-life approaches each project with the same rigor and follow a very similar process to the one described for our full-house interior design service. We would love to help you design any of the rooms in your house!


Our attention to detail is evident in how we approach accessorizing. It is indeed our favorite part of design! Accessories and soft furnishings offer the finishing touches of color, shape, and texture that pull the décor together. They will personalize the space and make your vision come to life. 


We will put together a selection of accessories to fit the chosen interior style. For example, for someone who loves the ocean and misses the sound of the waves outside their window, we suggested the work of one of our favorite local artists, the award-winning photographer Aleem ( You can see the design in our projects gallery. Your imagination, our images!


We believe accessories should first and foremost reflect your unique life. Look at our project pictures and you will see antiques displayed alongside children’s sports trophies, works from a MOMA-exhibited painter next to a kid’s priceless drawings, and old heirlooms nestling with new travel finds. 


Decluttering and organizing are often the first steps in a redesign project and go hand in hand with accessorizing. We will be happy to help you by providing tips and suggestions and working with you to determine what accessories would fit the new décor.


The possibilities are endless, so accessorizing can be overwhelming. We will help you to narrow down the choices to make your space totally unique and we will truly enhance the elegance and comfort of your home. Our accessories shopping service can save you time and money by eliminating a potentially lengthy trial-and-error process.


Interiors-for-life general style consultations may include suggestions on design style, color selections, and accessorizing.

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