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Full-House Interior Design &
Project Management

Elegance. Practicality Comfort. What does it mean to you? Are you looking to create a cozy family room for quiet nights at home?  A romantic retreat for you and your loved one? A spacious entertaining area? Whatever your lifestyle, we will work with you to create an environment that meets your needs.


To begin our design process, we will meet with you to best understand your requirements and your preferences.  Often times, we will send you a questionnaire in advance to make our first meeting most efficient. We will learn who lives in the house/design space, adults and children; are there pets; what works well for you now and what would you want to change; and so on. We will discuss the timescales and agree on the fees and payment structure.


We will then work to interpret your inputs, research the materials, products and services needed, and look at creative alternatives. After the site survey, we will design and plan the space. We will choose and propose to you the elements that would shape and define the space, fulfilling your functional and aesthetic requirements. Depending on your preference, we will re-purpose the furniture and accessories you already own and/or find new alternatives. Keeping your budget in mind, we will present you with several price point options. Take a look in our projects gallery and you will see a skilful mix of expensive designer furniture and the less pricey items from IKEA!


Our full-service option will include overseeing the implementation of all work.  We will draw on our extensive project management experience to ensure work is planned in the most time efficient sequence and duration for you. Our designer holds the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification established by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) as one of the most valued and respected credentials in project management, and understands the inherent tradeoff triangle of any project – quality, schedule, and cost. The article published by the PMI referred to interior designers as “interior integrators” emphasizing the need for the designers to be successful project managers, able to balance creative process with managing tight schedules, multiple subcontractors and constant changes.​ We will work to deliver the best quality work, on budget and on schedule.

Single Room Interiors, Accessorizing &
Style Consultations

No job is too small! We will be happy to work with you to design any number of rooms in your house. Many of our projects include consultations on solving design problems for very small areas. We approach each project with the same rigor and follow a very similar process to the one described for our Full-House Interior Design service.


Our attention to detail is evident in how we approach Accessorizing.  Offered separately or in conjunction with the other interior design services, it is indeed our favorite part of design! Accessories and soft furnishings offer the finishing touches of color, shape and texture that pull the décor together. They will personalize the space and make your vision come to life. 


We will put together for your consideration a selection of accessories to fit the chosen interior style. For example, when consulting the client that loves the ocean and missed the sound of the waves outside his window, we suggested the work of one of our favorite local artists, an award-winning photographer Aleem  (  You can see the design in our projects gallery. Your imagination, our images!


We believe accessories should first and foremost reflect your unique life. Look at our project pictures and you will see antiques displayed along with children’s sports trophies, works from the MOMA-exhibited painter next to the kids’ priceless drawings, old heirlooms along with new travel finds. 


Decluttering and Organizing are often the first steps in a re-design project and go hand in hand with Accessorizing.  We will be happy to help you by providing tips and suggestions and working with you to determine what accessories would fit the new décor.


Possibilities are endless, so accessorizing could be overwhelming. We will help you narrow down the choices to make your space totally unique and truly enhance the elegance and comfort of your home.


Additionaly, we offer General Style Consultations that my include suggestions on design style, color selections, and accessorizing.

Color Consultations 

Color is a universal language that can have subtle and powerful impact. While color choice is undoubtedly a matter of personal preference and characteristics that are attributed to each color, known as color psychology, vary depending on your culture and/or country, there are some common color traits. For example, Yellow is usually considered cheery and upbeat, Green is often called the color of harmony, and Red represents dynamism and passion.


We speak the language of color fluently and will translate your requirements and preferences to a coordinated color palate for your house/design space.


Our Color Consulting is always collaborative. The process will typically start with a phone call or an e-mail exchange to define general scope.  Are you looking to choose a color palate for a new house starting from a blank slate or need a little help choosing paint color for a room to match new furniture?

The process will then involve a session in your home to discuss color and style preferences. Even if the project only involves one room, we like to do a walk-through the house to envision the whole-house color scheme and note any fixed finishes, i.e. kitchen cabinets, furniture or favorite accessories that would no be changed. We will also ask you to show us any favorite items or inspiration pictures you might have. We recently created a complete color palate based on a mid-century design wall clock!


With elegance, practicality, and comfort being our motto, we will find the colors that would work for you for many years. Many children’s rooms we’ve designed have removable wall decals and soft furnishings that can grow with the child.


We will start with the options you might’ve considered and present you some new alternatives. In choosing the wall paint colors, we will help you make a decision by showing how the colors look in different light, how they work with your furnishings, and so on.


Our color consulting service will not be intimidating and, dare we say it, fun! It may even lead to you looking for more of our other interior design services!!

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